Taking Stock of the ACA

A must read for anyone who is interested in framing a debate about ACA.

Code Red: Two Economists Examine the U.S. Healthcare System

With the ACA exchange enrollment deadline behind us, this is a good time to take a look at the big picture. Three years after the first baby steps of implementation, what has the ACA accomplished?

When we consider the ACA, we can think of two broad goals. The “easy” goal was expanding coverage to the uninsured. We say “easy” because regulators should be able to succeed by simply throwing money at the problem, and that is a task our elected officials seem particularly adept at accomplishing. The “hard” goal was bringing down the rate of growth in health care spending. This has proven to be a difficult task for policy makers, who have been trying (and failing) for decades and have often done more harm than good.

We first consider the goal of expanding coverage to the uninsured. From its onset, the ACA chalked up a small victory by requiring…

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Social Media

Hello everyone,

Very soon you’ll find a new avatar of this blog. Also, I’d like to publish a recent  paper that I’ve submitted on Social Media. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1WWkpFqVr2WSt8J10AJ80mKXs584CpIZKHdbxMWTYA4g/edit?usp=sharing

Please feel free to comment. I’ll be sharing an article on same very soon. Stay tuned.



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Address by Christine Lagarde

Well I’m just sharing a link of the speech by Christine Lagarde. I do not know how much is the truth. But the start of the essay is something I love. She speaks of the past and tries connecting what’s happening today. I might not agree with all the facts, but I agree that there is a stark coincidence in happenings. History repeats itself in a new fashion.


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An apology to self

I’m so sorry I’ve taken time off writing for other worldly places to go to. I wanna fly and just before you launch your wings into air you’ve to make that big run, panting, fighting and tearing all your muscles. That’s where I’m, desperately trying to launch my wings and start the flight. But I owe myself an apology for not being able to give time to one of the most selfless pursuits that gives me the pleasure of highest degree, talk and express and write. I’m back and there is a lot to write about. I’ve also made a promise to be more vocal about what’s happening in and around me. Let’s say from a technical point of view the version 4.1 is ready for release after beta testing. Once a developer …. 🙂

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Time. Is it all relative?

A thought is floating like a ghost in my head. can you be ahead of time, on time and behind time. In my opinion, you can be only ahead of time and behind time.

Please be patient with my thought. I will definitely explain. Atleast, I intend to definitely explain.

Time is a very specific attribute. Highly definitive, clearly demarcated and referentially high value. Just like with every commodity of high value, everyone’s keeping a tab.

And I digressed. For the sake of simplicity, only the person or the event which takes place in an absolute first on the timeline can define the successive events in reference. Any individual or any event in that matter becomes a point on the timeline. The most important aspect being that no one knows really who was first. let’s look at it rationally. I arrive at some place at 9 and go astray. My friend arrives at 9:01 and doesn’t find me there. I was there first, ahead of time may be. My friend however, did not find me. He might argue he ahead of time.

Now that’s a funny argument.

So, my point is as individuals can not be static points, in a very relative manner, you are either ahead of time as you see everyone coming after you. Or you might be behind time, visibly or not. But, whether you are exactly on the dot remains contextual.

The night is really attacking me. My instinct to write is taking over my rationality. For the sake of humanity, I should stop.

Thanks for showing patience. You’re an incredible hulk if you reached so far.

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Año Nuevo

I personally believe that our birthdays are very special. For starters, it’s a custom made experience designed by a mysterious power of love. The flavour is unique. All the small details make you such a star, so exclusive. It’s a brand new – new year just for you. The perfect gift.

I’ve not gone cuckoo talking about birthdays today. It’s my present today. So I decided to just do what everyone plans for a new year’s eve. The splendid mix of family, friends, gourmet food, long calls, lovely wishes, memories, yummy cake, hopes, dreams and activity. I always try to kick off with a very simple and wholesome day and kick without work. I love my work, but I love chatting, travelling, loving, shopping, writing, reading and laughing even more. I did however held my ground to write up a small piece today. Very proud about it.

I know this might sound like a big boring writeup, but this year was an year that helped me and taught me so many things. The best part was something I didn’t expect. I was in a book club couple of months back. And, the topic of discussion was that  there is this inner light (exaggggggeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrationnnnnnnnnn) that gets switched on when you turn 30. No I’ve not turned thirty today. But I’m definitely on the heavier side of 25 …wink wink…So in a nutshell, it does happen. You grow and You learn. No matter how hard you sing “Here’s to never growing up”…(lol..it’s avril…shocked!!!@#$#@#@#come on), you just change. In a flash you’re someone different, you just don’t know and you cross the line and leave a little craziness behind. I’m sorry the person I am, I can not leave all of it behind. For many souls out there it will be even bigger a captivating revision. So Cheers!!! to this new found metamorphosed self. To all of us let’s have a great new year with adorable memories. And I’m a very grateful soul, so let’s speak of a few words of thanks.

Saying a small thank you to everyone who made the day special for me is just the right way to act this birthday. So here it goes to each and every one of you out there, thank you so much for all the lovely wishes and blessings. Thank you for remembering and giving me a small amount of your precious time. For all those who missed it, I’m grateful for your love too. The mere good thought that you  transmit towards me is great enough. I’m eternally grateful to everything out in the cosmos.

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Life should be like pani-puri. With a tad of sweetness, a bit of chilly, some tongue numbing sourness and salt to taste. Well the salt is a constant. And that’s how your marriage is-to your taste. The salt of your life. Ever so constant, the same person in front of you, day in and day out. You start the journey with a pompous affair and try to keep the celebrations going for the rest of your life. As I have never been married, I might not be a credible source for telling how marriage works after the big day. But what happens before, I’ve a pretty fair idea. They fall in love, they fight, then they fight a little more and then all of a sudden they remember that hell to it, we are in love and they get married.  And when I see these friends of mine, I’m really sure marriages are pre-decided.  Please don’t be confused, I don’t mean the partners. I just mean the marriage part. The notion of weddings is so strongly instilled at the bottom of our heart and our brains, it can never be changed.  And no matter what I believe the idea should not change. After all a wedding is a indian-wedding-photographycommemoration of two souls uniting into one. It’s much more than that, it’s a pure promise you make to each other. Enough of the sentiments. Blah bluh blah bluh.

So many weddings I’ve been to, this was the first one in which, I saw the bride Man–A –Li AKA Bruce–Lee smile all the way through the feras***. And not like a slight smile, a full 100 watt smile. And it reminded me of the spirit of her decision, the grace and the happiness with which she was ready to commit. The wedding had a beautiful glow, just because of this million dollar smile. Well….well…well…the groom wasn’t far behind, he was happier then I had ever seen him. To date, this is in the top ten weddings I’ve been to. I just wish everyone has such a lovely and happy marriage. And to my friends, have a great life!!!

*** (For those of you who don’t know feras, they are the mini races around fire happening in the Indian weddings. Apparently, the girl is ahead of the guy for first four feras. Just as in real life guy chasing the girl. And later for rest half the other way around. It’s pretty near to real life I feel. Kabooom…our ancestors were smart after all.)

PS. All credits for the post go to my friend for marrying.

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