First visit to a Police Station

Well to begin with, the experience was more fun and less scary then the title suggests. It was the previous Saturday, that I was to prove my citizenship at the alter of an officer. It started off with light Mumbai rains and strong breeze. As is customary, I maintained several copies of all documents required, from the birth certificate to my phone bills. But, as fate would have it I forgot the most important document, the lease agreement. Gods were however very kind, for the events that took place later that day.

                                        It was early morning, and even though I was ahead in the relatively long queue, the time seemed to stop. The playlist started repeating songs, and I had to add a couple of more tracks to make the arduous wait a little easier on me. The police officer was discontented looking at the queue. He ordered me to sit, I was perhaps standing too near to the Senior Officer’s cabin.Poor me, sat down smiling in the hope that he would not be so angry when the turn finally comes over to me. After an hour almost, came my turn. The officer started asking for my documents. One by one I realised he was not asking me for any of the listed documents, but some from a whimsical and imaginary one. I realized I was in trouble, and as always when in doubt I smile.Then came the line I did not anticipate, “Run back home and get your missing photos and documents, I’ll wait”. In the rains, I almost sprinted out, to find an auto rickshaw(a method to commute, very difficult to find in Mumbai rains). While I was trying hard to find one, I believe I saw a familiar face I really wished to see and was missing. Well, that discussion needs many more details than can be permitted for this story, and a story worth writing in detail about. So coming back to this one, I finally managed to get all documents in a haste.

                                                Somehow, I successfully helped myself in making the officer at least sign my documents.The funniest part came when he tried discussing which of my photographs is an apt one to be pasted to his catalogue. At that point I could control no more and burst into a laughter, and so did everyone else in the room.

                                            The most amusing part of the entire deal was that just a smile faded away the frown on his brow. And I wondered how small a gesture can make or mar someone else’s day. With that thought, I would like to introduce a comma before my next post.


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