Now that I think about it, I’m ready to delve in the past. The fog is a little thinner and the Sun is squinting out of the clouds. I was wondering that how the greatest days in some era become the hardest memories inscribed in the brain. How a day with good Sun later becomes the source of tan. How the fond memory of holding hands with someone becomes the melancholy tone ringing in your heart, after the parting. Well, the answer is simple than you imagine, you are standing on the other side of the coin. Wondering, when a coin is tossed and you call heads or tails, whatever might be the outcome, you might be winning if you were on the other side. Somehow, it feels right to assume that life is just like that. As of now all I see is the side from which I lost in the normal senses of the world. And sometimes when I am really ecstatic I see a better side. But I flip flop as the days pass by. The balance of a coin as you see is rare to find. The point of absolute balance, when you see the coin from both sides is tricky to reach. Nonetheless, it’s interesting from a point of view of an optimistic soul like mine. The other side was not the one that could make you win, it was the other side of your wish. It’s something you never saw, but it’s not bad just because you never dreamed of it. As the wine comes of age and matures, so does the heart. Every new relation you make after this point of realisation shall be more fulfilling as you know that if there is a bad part to it, it shall still be something new in the offering in the near future. And if something bad is in front of you at this very instant, something better is in the store for you. Looking at it this way, no matter what comes along you’re ready for it and you’re definitely a little more content.

As the line of thought was too cumbersome to go through for me, the name Memo-f-ries.

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3 Responses to Memo-f-ries

  1. Vaishali Prabhu says:

    Very beautifully written …. optimistic but not foolish :)…i like ur attitude….and love ur blog tagline even more :)….looking forward to read more of ur posts 🙂

    • aashya says:

      Thank you so much Vaishali…:)…I’m so happy to hear that…I mean I’m just beginning to understand so many things…and it feels great to know that the journey is interesting…it gives me more fuel to keep writing… 🙂

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