Couple of months back I decided to take a vacation all by myself. The idea was to get some space and think about where I’m heading. I wrote this for my family…especially my parents, when I was there. I’m not a poet but I’m a speaker. I can express all that I feel in my words almost every single time. So here it goes….


I titled it  The fire in my lungs

You cry when you see me in pain,
You hold me close through the storm,

You shout when you know I’m wrong,
You pat me on the back after I fall,

You fade away in shadows in the days of win,
You stood sweating by me in days of preparation,

You forced me to read good things.
You made me go an extra mile when a yard was enough,
You never cared for what I thought,
All you ever wanted turned out for my best,

After all these years, I’m a little late and dumb
to follow your footsteps,
But believe you me, You’re the best any kid could have ever had.

All I do now is thank you for all the harsh and the kind words,
I’m what I’m for I’m yours, and shall be yours to be made,
I’m grateful eternally… I’ve felt him in the good days and the bad
but I can see him in your eyes every second of every day that I ever have.

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