Somersaults of Life

The irony of life is visible in each and every single particle of dust around us. Going through the somersaults of life, I’ve felt like I will not be feeling well many a times. And every time that happens I ponder why is that happening. I sometimes do take it personally. Now whether you believe in God or a book or a positive source of energy, you wonder why the hell is he/she/it (totally personal preference) doing that. He seems to be doing well with others…And then the invariable comparison pops up in your mind. That’s human nature. So this time around when I found a funny weird thing happening around in my Life, I decided to look at it like an analogy of something I’m a part of. Being a consultant for the “working hard hours” of the day of my life, I can compare God to be like a big time Project Manager. Now he has so many subjects and issues to deal with. Simplifying the number a little, you see that when a Manager is giving you a hard time and tough errands to run. Some people just give up cursing. But, what I would want to believe is that he knows your capability and is pushing you further. You don’t see it, you don’t feel like it, and may be he is not even thinking about you when he made the decision. But on some level of his sub consciousness he knows that you can take it. I don’t know how many people have seen Scrubs, a funny sitcom. It had this janitor character which would never mess around with a particular person because he thought she would not be able to take it. Same goes with so many situations in our life. We feel we can’t handle it, we curse, we cry and we try to fix. Eventually it passes, you might not have gained anything special but believe me it made you stronger and it made you grow. You know it too, so next time I’m stuck with an impenetrable problem, I’d rather like to have faith that somewhere on some level, I know I can do this. It’s possible. And, I keep going on.


PS:- To justify why irony, the mental peace and calm shall come from the restlessness of the same soul. You’ll be churned and you’ll loose something, but you’ll grow no matter what.

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2 Responses to Somersaults of Life

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  2. aashya says:

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