Life should be like pani-puri. With a tad of sweetness, a bit of chilly, some tongue numbing sourness and salt to taste. Well the salt is a constant. And that’s how your marriage is-to your taste. The salt of your life. Ever so constant, the same person in front of you, day in and day out. You start the journey with a pompous affair and try to keep the celebrations going for the rest of your life. As I have never been married, I might not be a credible source for telling how marriage works after the big day. But what happens before, I’ve a pretty fair idea. They fall in love, they fight, then they fight a little more and then all of a sudden they remember that hell to it, we are in love and they get married.  And when I see these friends of mine, I’m really sure marriages are pre-decided.  Please don’t be confused, I don’t mean the partners. I just mean the marriage part. The notion of weddings is so strongly instilled at the bottom of our heart and our brains, it can never be changed.  And no matter what I believe the idea should not change. After all a wedding is a indian-wedding-photographycommemoration of two souls uniting into one. It’s much more than that, it’s a pure promise you make to each other. Enough of the sentiments. Blah bluh blah bluh.

So many weddings I’ve been to, this was the first one in which, I saw the bride Man–A –Li AKA Bruce–Lee smile all the way through the feras***. And not like a slight smile, a full 100 watt smile. And it reminded me of the spirit of her decision, the grace and the happiness with which she was ready to commit. The wedding had a beautiful glow, just because of this million dollar smile. Well….well…well…the groom wasn’t far behind, he was happier then I had ever seen him. To date, this is in the top ten weddings I’ve been to. I just wish everyone has such a lovely and happy marriage. And to my friends, have a great life!!!

*** (For those of you who don’t know feras, they are the mini races around fire happening in the Indian weddings. Apparently, the girl is ahead of the guy for first four feras. Just as in real life guy chasing the girl. And later for rest half the other way around. It’s pretty near to real life I feel. Kabooom…our ancestors were smart after all.)

PS. All credits for the post go to my friend for marrying.

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