Time. Is it all relative?

A thought is floating like a ghost in my head. can you be ahead of time, on time and behind time. In my opinion, you can be only ahead of time and behind time.

Please be patient with my thought. I will definitely explain. Atleast, I intend to definitely explain.

Time is a very specific attribute. Highly definitive, clearly demarcated and referentially high value. Just like with every commodity of high value, everyone’s keeping a tab.

And I digressed. For the sake of simplicity, only the person or the event which takes place in an absolute first on the timeline can define the successive events in reference. Any individual or any event in that matter becomes a point on the timeline. The most important aspect being that no one knows really who was first. let’s look at it rationally. I arrive at some place at 9 and go astray. My friend arrives at 9:01 and doesn’t find me there. I was there first, ahead of time may be. My friend however, did not find me. He might argue he ahead of time.

Now that’s a funny argument.

So, my point is as individuals can not be static points, in a very relative manner, you are either ahead of time as you see everyone coming after you. Or you might be behind time, visibly or not. But, whether you are exactly on the dot remains contextual.

The night is really attacking me. My instinct to write is taking over my rationality. For the sake of humanity, I should stop.

Thanks for showing patience. You’re an incredible hulk if you reached so far.

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2 Responses to Time. Is it all relative?

  1. alphaqsecc says:

    This post tries to make non-sense a sense & then again you make it nonsensical in the end with an attempt to make sense 😉

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